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Tour de Lauder


We are blessed with some amazing countryside here in the Scottish Borders. You won't be disappointed whatever route you choose to tackle;  two spectacular and challenging routes await you...

We have an 89 mile route which takes riders on a breathtaking tour around the Cols of the Borders and a 50 mile route which is the North half of the 89 mile route, a shorter option but just as enjoyable.

All riders depart at the same time from Thirlestane Castle, up and over the first climb with a challenging descent into Stow. You then have a small respite to catch your breath before heading up the climb to Windydoors Farm, you'll then drop down to Clovenfords and meander your way to Innerleithen - where the first food stop awaits at Traquair - make sure you fill up with some of our infamous home baking here!

The routes then diverge, with the the 89 mile route continuing up to Glenlude, passed the Gordon Arms where the Berrybush climb awaits. Once you've negotiated this you have time to compose yourself before you tackle Witchie Knowe, a glorious painful ascent!


After a quick rest stop, down to Yarrow Kirk and back to the Gordon Arms where you'll retrace the route back to Traquair and re-join where the 50 mile loop diverged...

The 50 mile route heads back through Innerliethen and up the long Granites climb before turning right down to Heriot where our 3rd food stop awaits.


Then all you need to do is head to Stow and, em tackle the final climb - the Col de Stow (it's only 15%) & finish back at Thirlestane Castle to collect your medal.

What a day out on a bike it is!

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Distance: 50.45 miles.

Total Ascent: 3535 ft.

See the image on the right - you can

download the route information below...

With challenging ascents, welcome descents and breathtaking scenery - this is a lovely few hours on a bike...


Distance: 89 miles.

Total Ascent: 6143 ft

See the image on the right - you can

download the route information below...

This route truly is a classic and will test your climbing skills as well as your stamina - watch out for the Witch!



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